Summer Activity Guide That Won’t Waste Water

Summer in Fairfield might not mean much to residents regarding changes in the weather. After all, Northern California itself is warm and pleasant all year round, so all summer means is that days get a little longer, and temperatures get a little hotter.

But there are some bigger changes for Fairfield residents besides just a tweak to the weather. Summer means more tourists in the city, but it also means kids at home for a couple of months with more family time either on vacation or at home.

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How To Maintain A Water Heater

Tank type water heaters are one of those common appliances you rely upon every day. Whether gas or electric, they are generally very dependable and quiet. Water heaters can last for a decade or more and with the simple 3-step annual maintenance plan outlined here, you can extend the life of your water heater even further and save money in the process.

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